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Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed a bill Monday that bans the use of pesticides on school grounds.

Standing outside East Hartford High School Rell said the legislation that goes into effect on Oct. 1 will protect elementary and middle school children from the unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.

Senator Ed Meyer, D-Guilford, knows all too well the harmful effects of pesticides.

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Meyer, who introduced the legislation, said he lost a dog to the harsh chemicals. He said his dog Mo’s predecessor died from liver cancer and the veterinarian was able to determine from the autopsy that it due to pesticides. He said science shows young children exposed to these types of chemicals are just as much at risk.

He said as soon as he was elected this was the first piece of legislation he introduced.

The legislation doesn’t include high schools, but East Hartford High School has not used pesticides in at least 10 years, East Hartford Mayor Melody Currey said.
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The bill signing ceremony was also held at East Hartford High School in honor of the retirement of Sen. Gary LeBeau, D-East Hartford, and Rep. Henry Genga, D-East Hartford. Both LeBeau and Genga are retiring from teaching at East Hartford High School this year. They will continue their jobs as legislators.