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Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Wednesday that she was “disappointed to say the least” in Republican State Central Committee Chairman Chris Healy’s drunken driving arrest.

Rell said she understands alcoholism is a disease and she knows recovery is “going to be a long road for him.” As far as his GOP chairmanship is concerned Rell said she has yet to have that conversation with Healy. She did say though that in the past he has worked on campaigns and “there may be a role for him to do that.”

Healy’s chairmanship is up at the end of the month and according to the Courant’s article he’s leaving his destiny up to the committee members.

Budget negotiations

Rell said she would get involved personally with budget negotiations when the two sides get closer. She said there was a meeting at 12:30 p.m. today where she hoped the two sides would be focusing on the spending side of the budget. “We’re not talking taxes until we get spending under control,” she said.

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Medical marijuana

Rell said she doesn’t even have the bill on her desk yet, but one of the reporters pressed the question saying she knows what’s in it. Rell tersely responded: “I don’t even have the bill yet so why should I tell you, if I don’t have it.”

Rell made these comments following a press conference to announce the construction of a 120,000 square-foot Celebration Foods manufacturing plant on an urban brownfield in New Britain. Celebration Foods, manufactures Carvel ice cream and other desserts. The company plans to hire 225 workers over the next three years. The message state and local officials wanted to convey was Connecticut is business friendly. The company will receive a low-interest $2.6 million state loan, up to $2 million in reinvestment tax credits, property tax exemptions and possibly sales tax exemptions.