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They rallied, lobbied, called, delivered cookies and cards and petitions, but the message to pass some form of universal health care for the state’s 400,000 uninsured residents, somehow didn’t translate into legislative action…yet.

So health care advocates and members of the clergy held a candlelight vigil on the steps of the Capitol Wednesday to remind legislators to pass legislation that works towards a universal system.

Pastor Herminio Valle said, “We’re here tonight with one week left in the legislative session,” to urge the legislature to take action on health care.

“We have heard their speeches and we know they share our belief in health care as a human right, but we have not seen the laws we need here to make progress on health care reform,” Valle said. 

Christine Stuart photo

Dr. Reza Mansoor, said through grassroots action the people of Connecticut have made it clear they want health care for everyone. He urged legislators to modify bills and make progress so “we’re not at the same place next time the legislature is in session.”

And by-the-way, “yes, it may cost some money, but we all knew that,” Mansoor said.

Following 20-minutes of prayer and song the advocates marched into the Capitol to visit with legislators in the House. The Senate had already adjourned for the day around 7 p.m.