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The Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority held the grand opening of its new recycling center in Hartford Thursday.

The new facility will allow the 70 Mid-Connecticut Project towns to recycle a wider variety of items including junk mail and chipboard, which is a material used to package things like cereal.

The new facility was built by FCR, Inc., a subsidiary of Casella Waste Systems, Inc. The facility cost $6 million to build and will help provide a revenue stream to CRRA because for every ton of material towns recycle CRRA will get about $34 from FCR.

Christine Stuart photo
FCR in turn sells the recycled material on the commodities market for more money.

It costs the 70-member towns nothing per ton to recycle, but it costs them $69 per ton to get rid of trash. CRRA estimated that its towns will save almost $4.3 million by recycling a wider assortment of products.

The new recycling facility also created 30 new jobs.

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