Christine Stuart photo
Saturday protestors stood outside the Hartford Civic Center to protest the treatment of elephants by Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

About 20 protestors handed out information about the treatment of elephants. Some guests attending the circus accepted the information, while others weren’t so friendly to the protestors as they ushered their children into the Civic Center.

But this year was different.

Kathy Hucks, who protests the circus annually, said this was the first year the media has been around covering the protest. She attributed the media attention to legislation introduced by Rep. Diana Urban and Rep. Steve Fontana. The bill 7019 would make the use of a bullhook on an elephant a misdemeanor. Ringling has said if the bill became law they would be unable to bring elephants to Connecticut.

Christine Stuart photo

According to those who attended the show Ringling was organizing on the inside by asking its guests to sign a petition to save the circus.

Click here to view the video of how Ringling treats its elephants.