Christine Stuart photo
Hartford Police Chief Daryl Roberts spoke to the media Thursday about the incident this weekend that lead to the arrest of one of his officers.

Hartford Officer Matthew Secore was arrested Tuesday and charged with third-degree assault for beating up Mayor Eddie Perez’s nephew, Ruben Perez, while he was in lockup Saturday night.

Perez had been jailed on a third-degree assault charge related to the beating of Secore’s brother, a tow truck driver. Slade Secore was towing Perez’s step-father’s car from 17 E. Elliott St. when police say he was attacked by a group of men including Perez. There have been no other arrests in the incident and Roberts urged anyone with information about the incident to call police at 527-7300, ext. 5253.

Roberts said Officer Secore (pictured) was not on duty when the incident happened and has been put on administrative duty while the criminal and internal affairs investigation is conducted.

One sergeant and two other officers were in the lockup area with Perez and Secore when the incident happened. Roberts said they are being included in the internal affairs investigation. There are no cameras in the lockup area, he said.

“We can not allow our emotions to take over,” Roberts said referring to his officer’s reaction to his brothers beating. He said police officers will be held to a higher standard. He said there are consequences to Secore’s actions and he’s “not above the law.”

The officer will not be terminated at this point in time, Robert said. He said he can’t terminate someone for a misdemeanor. “I have not spoken to him personally,” he said. But he said aside from the criminal investigation there’s an ongoing internal affairs investigation to determine if Secore violated the department’s code of conduct.

Has Mayor Eddie Perez gotten involved? Roberts said the mayor has stayed out of this.

Both Secore and Perez are expected in court to answer to charges on May 18.