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Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s poll numbers remain steady, but her increase in the income tax is unpopular, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

“It’s surprising that Gov. Jodi Rell’s numbers haven’t come down more given her budget battle with the Democrats and dissent by Republican leaders on tax issues. She’s still one of the most popular political leaders in the country,” Poll Director Douglas Schwartz, said.

Those surveyed say 57 – 37 percent that the income tax is unfair. The poll shows they support 69 – 26 percent making the state income tax more graduated so people who earn more money pay taxes at a higher rate. Rell proposed a slight increase in the income tax for all residents, whereas Democrats have proposed a graduated income tax and the Republicans have proposed no income tax.

“It’s predictable that people would support the plans that don’t raise anybody’s taxes or just tax the rich, as opposed to the broad-based tax increase proposed by the Governor,” he said.

The poll found Republicans support a more graduated state income tax 51 – 44 percent, while Democrats support it 82 – 13 percent and independent voters support it 72 – 23 percent.

But voters have different opinions on what it takes to make a person wealthy:
13 percent listed various annual income figures less than $100,000;
13 percent said $100,000;
18 percent said an annual income of $101,000 to $199,000;
11 percent said $200,000;
15 percent said $201,000 to $499,000;
7 percent said $500,000;
3 percent said $501,000 to $999,000;
7 percent said $1 million or more.

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