Christine Stuart photo
Former Republican turned Democrat, Rep. Diana Urban, tried to share some vegan chocolate with all her colleagues in the House of Representatives Wednesday, but Republicans weren’t hungry for the candy or the message.

Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk, gathered all the chocolate handed out to his caucus members and gave it back to Urban.

When asked about the incident he said “It’s legislative propaganda.” He said Urban didn’t have permission from Speaker of the House James Amann to distribute the materials. Cafero said the rules are clear that you must obtain the permission of the Speaker to hand out materials to all the members.

While Urban admits she didn’t obtain permission and was somewhat scolded by Amann, she maintains that her gesture was innocent. She said it’s like in elementary school where if you bring in cupcakes to handout you better have one for everyone in the class.

She said she did hand out a flyer with the chocolate, but was more than willing to give the Republicans chocolate sans propaganda.

The flyer mentioned three circuses that don’t use elephants in their shows and promises that the local advocates for elephants are not the ones spamming legislators. Urban proposed legislation that would make the use of bullhooks and other elephant training devices illegal in the state.

The chocolate packing included a sticker thanking legislators for their support of HB 7019.

Urban said the chocolate was a combination of elephant advocacy and support for the microenterprise in Manchester that made the chocolate for her.