Melissa Bailey File Photo
The National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint of unfair labor practices against Yale-New Haven Hospital and scheduled a hearing. Yale-New Haven’s spokesman called the charges old news about problems the hospital has since addressed; the union seeking to organize 1,800 blue-collar workers claimed vindication.

NLRB Regional Director Peter B. Hoffman sent Yale-New Haven an April 27 filing charging the hospital with violating labor law when managers threatened employees with “loss of employment, loss of overtime pay differential, loss of overtime” and “loss of over benefits” should they elect to be represented by District 1199 of the New England Health Care Employees Union/SEIU. Hospital President Marna Borgstrom improperly “interrogated” and “threatened” employees, as did nine other managers, according to the complaint. Hospital brass also spread false information about the union, the complaint charges.

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