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As radio shock-jock Imus finally got the boot for calling Rutgers basketball stars “nappy-headed hos,” one of his longtime enablers, Connecticut U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman (pictured), finally issued a public statement about his longtime friend’s remarks. Sort of.

Lieberman (CFL-CT) has long enjoyed getting boosts from visits to the openly racist Imus show, as he has with even more over-the-edge hate-radio jock Bob Grant, on whom he showered praise. (Grant regularly refers to African-Americans as “savages”; he’s also cruel to gays.) But the recent flap over Imus forced regular famous guests who never expressed a problem with him in the past to take some kind of stand. Lieberman has never previously felt a need to comment on any of Imus’s or Grant’s slurs against blacks or gays. (On the other hand, he did criticize Bill Clinton for sexual indiscretions with an intern. He also regularly blasted makers of violent video games.)

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