The Online Journalism Project, along with the Working Families Party and the John Driscoll United Labor Agency won grants from the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut totaling $122,000.

“These grants represent the foundation’s commitment to ensuring a health care system in Connecticut that is universal, continuous, affordable, sustainable and high quality,” said Juan A. Figueroa, the foundation’s president.

The Online Journalism Project received $50,000 to continue and expand the Web-based Connecticut Online Health Care Journalism Project, including increased use of video streaming and expanded collaboration with La Voz Hispana and CT News Junkie. The grant will also be used to help build long-term sustainability for the OJP. Click here to view their Health Care page.

Connecticut Working Families, a program of the nonprofit Progressive America Fund, received $35,000 to support the Universal Health Care Outreach and Mobilization Project. This project will educate people about universal health care through communication and outreach efforts.

John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency received a grant of $37,000 to produce and distribute a bi-weekly television series to examine universal health care issues. The project will also utilize the resultant video on sites such as YouTube and other vehicles.