Paul Bass photo
Here are the latest developments on the FBI bust of two city narcotics cops on charges of taking bribes and stealing (lots of) cash:
• At a late Tuesday evening press conference, the mayor and the police chief announced a thorough review of the narcotics unit. Reaction from Hill Alderwoman Jackie James (pictured at top): “You wonder why drugs are still in the city of New Haven?” Click here for a full report.

• Click on the play arrow at left to watch DeStefano deliver a message of support to the rank and file, invoking his late father’s Badge 101.
• Earlier Tuesday, the FBI raided the police station and a downtown courthouse, arrested three members of a family bail bondsman outfit and the narcotics cops, including Lt. Billy White, who a prosecutor said may at risk of suicide. Click here to read an article about their arraignments and about all the FBI allegations.
Click here to read a potboiler 57-page FBI affidavit about the case.
Click here to read about the “El Stupido” incident on Long Wharf.