Christine Stuart photo

State Rep. Deborah Heinrich, D-Madison, (pictured) recounted her horrific tale of sexual assault Tuesday to help illustrate the need for all hospitals in the state to administer Plan B to rape victims.

She said 20-years ago as she collected her clumps of hair off the floor she would not have had the stamina or capacity to go out and get the emergency contraception herself because “my body and soul were broken.”

She said the most horrifying thought pushed through the fog, “What if I’m pregnant?” She said rape victims should not have to stop and wonder which hospital will offer them appropriate care.

The legislature’s Human Services Committee had a public hearing on the legislation (SB 1343) Tuesday. It will be up for a committee vote in the future, but it still has a long way to go before it’s approved.

Last year the bill died in the Public Health Committee and was resurrected as part of the Appropriations Committee budget where it was compromised during budget deliberations.

The question is will leadership support the measure this year. We will find out later Wednesday afternoon following Speaker James Amann’s press conference to discuss state funding for domestic violence shelters.

Will Amann support Plan B for rape victims?