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This is a press release from Republican State Chairman Chris Healy

House Speaker James Amann’s explanation on his fundraising activities for a charitiy that pays him to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars doesn’t add up, said Republican State Chairman Chris Healy Thursday.

“Jim Amann is ethically challenged, and his 106 House Democratic colleagues should be embarassed,” said Healy. “As Michael Dukakis said, ‘the fish rots from the head down.’”

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Wednesday Amann claimed he was permitted by a state Ethics Commission ruling to rasie these funds. However, the ruling did not pertain to Amann’s activities, but those of Deputy Comptroller Mark Ojakian who also was enlisted to solicit money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Ethics Commission ruled Ojakian could solicit funds except those from people doing business with the Comptoller’s office.

“Jim Amann by his own account has solicited donations from lobbyists who do business with the state for an association that pays Amann, that is clearly a violation of any ethical standard,” said Healy. “As someone who is the leader of a legislative branch of the government, Jim Amann should set the highest standard of probity. Instead Boss Amann has crossed the line with inpunity.”

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