John Wood, Hartford resident and Vietnam vet, knows firsthand about war and about working for peace. He knows, too, what the war in Iraq is costing his city in terms of healthcare, housing and education:  over $147 million.

On March 3, Wood and other members of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship will host a day-long program in the Cathedral House of Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford to draw attention to the human and social problems resulting from the cost of the Iraq war and America‚Äôs current foreign policy.  Participants will discuss the complexities of the war itself and how it affects local communities in terms of lost resources. 

Dr. Robert Evans, executive director of Plowshares Institute, based in Simsbury, will be the featured speaker. 

The forum will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The registration fee of $15 at the door will include continental breakfast and a box lunch.  For more information, call Christ Church Cathedral at 860-527-7231 or e-mail to