A Quinnipiac University poll found Connecticut voters like Gov. M. Jodi Rell and her proposal to spend $3.4 billion on education, but they don’t approve of the income tax hike needed to get it done. Democrats split 47 to 47 percent on the proposed tax hike while Republicans opposed it 65 to 30 percent. Independent voters opposed it 57 to 41 percent. “Interestingly, she gets more support for her income tax hike from Democrats than her own Republican Party members,” Doug Schwartz, poll director, said in a press release. At a press conference Thursday Schwartz said Rell maintains a 72 percent job approval rating, which shows she very popular. However, he said she hasn’t been “battle tested” and such a high rating could drop “but I’m not saying it will.” But do they like Rell or her policies? Schwartz opined the poll shows voters do like her policies, so it’s “more than a personal affinity for her.”

Voters don’t believe by a 79 to 12 percent margin that the increased education spending will lower their property taxes. Voters also support 68 to 26 percent eliminating the local property tax on cars and 48 to 42 percent approved elimination of the local property tax credit on the state income tax to pay for it. When it comes to the uninsured 76 to 17 percent support Rell’s proposal to have insurance companies provide health insurance to Connecticut residents for $250 per month, with the state helping to pay the premium for those who can’t afford it. But voters say 53 to 31 percent that the state should do more for the uninsured. Support for gay marriage wasn’t overwhelming, but 39 percent said it should be allowed, 33 percent approve of civil unions and 22 percent said there should be no recognition of same-sex marriage. “The older people are the more opposed they are to same-sex marriage,” Schwartz said. The poll surveyed 1,087 registered voters and had a margin of error within 3 percent. Click here to read the poll. There will be an updated version of the story this afternoon that includes an interview with the poll director.