The East Windsor man who was shot by his neighbor last year over a property-line dispute filed a civil lawsuit last week against Lawrence Shustock Sr. and his family. Shustock has been under house arrest since shooting Thomas Lowell in the shoulder and was denied his request to modify conditions of his bond several months ago. The civil lawsuit claims that shortly after the court’s denial of the modification the signs and chair, present the day of the shooting, were returned to the rear of Shustock’s property.

According to the lawsuit, on Jan. 29, 2006, the day Lowell was shot, Shustock erected signs and placed a chair at the rear of the Shustock property. The signs read: “No Trespassing,” “Private Property,” and “Please Keep Out.” When Lowell went to the rear of his property to speak to Shustock, “Shustock retrieved a rifle out of the wheel barrel and discharged it thereby causing a bullet to strike and severely injure,” Lowell. The return of the signs and the chair caused Lowell “emotional distress” severe enough to cause “illness and/or bodily harm,” the lawsuit filed by his attorney Vincent Trantolo claims.  Shustock’s release on a $60,000 bond came with some conditions, including that he live more than 5 miles from the shooting victim; that he not have any guns; and that he wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. Shustock has lived with his daughter since his release. The lawsuit alleges Shustock’s sons and daughters also listed as defendants in the case must have erected the signs and chair at the rear of their father’s property. The criminal case is still ongoing.