Gov. M. Jodi Rell doesn’t mind flexing her muscle when it comes to the state Bond Commission’s agenda. The Democratic majority introduced legislation this year that would allow any member of the Bond Commission to add items to the agenda, which currently is controlled solely by the governor.

Rell said Monday that she doesn’t mind getting on the “bully pulpit” when it comes to keeping the current procedure in place because the state’s bond rating depends on it and that’s something easy to defend. She said bond rating companies frown upon changing these procedures. Last year she cancelled several bond commission meetings to hold the line on the state’s borrowing. When asked if she thought it was a political maneuver Rell said, “it would appear that way.“The other proposed legislation would take away the governor’s power to appoint a U.S. Senator in the event of a vacancy. Instead state Rep. Tim O’Brien, D-New Britain, has proposed having a public election to fill the vacancy. To read the bill go to and search for House bill 5034. Rell said when 42 other states give the governor the power to appoint a U.S. Senate vacancy then, “it’s more a test of wills.” Will the Democrats remember they have a veto proof majority or will Rell win this round too? Stay tuned.