U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman failed to endorse his colleague, U.S. Senator Chris Dodd’s presidential bid on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. On Monday Lieberman said his decision to stay out of presidential politics had nothing to do with Dodd’s decision to support his opponent Ned Lamont.Dodd agreed to support Lamont after he won the Democratic primary, which forced Lieberman to enter the race as a petitioning candidate.In response to questions about their relationship Monday, Lieberman said, “I’m gonna focus on being the best senator I can be,” and not get involved with presidential politics. Lieberman said he has spoken with Dodd both privately and publicly about his support in the past election and there are no hard feelings on either side.

Some have speculated that Lieberman endorsed President George W. Bush’s plan to increase troop levels as a political favor. The National Republican Party did not support the candidate state Republicans had endorsed at its convention and didn’trun anyone else against the 18-year incumbent. Lieberman said Monday that type of speculation was “absolutely wrong.” Lieberman said he was re-elected by Republicans, Democrats and independents. “I have no obligation to any political party,” he added. If it’s not politics, then maybe it’s the war? Visit their NBC “Meet the Press” appearance Sunday, Jan. 14 on MSNBC.com. The two are on opposite sides when it comes to the war and an increase in troops.