RellwalkingKen Krayeske photo
Reporter Ken Krayeske has uploaded some of the photos he took of Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s inaugural parade just moments before he was arrested Wednesday and charged with breach of peace and interfering with an officer. Krayeske claims on his Web site, that the metadata embedded in the photos proves he was able to snap 23 photos during a 30 second period before his photo shoot “was unceremoniously terminated,” by police. Krayeske’s argument is that in order to obtain these photos he would have had to be standing still for at least 30 seconds. Hartford police spokeswoman Nancy Mulroy claimed Friday that Krayeske charged the parade in the direction of the governor, but the police report interprets it a little differently. The police report says Krayeske was riding his mountain bike at a high rate of speed to the intersection of Ford and Pearl when he was observed dumping the bike and running in the direction of the parade procession directly where the governor was passing by. Krayeske was rushing to get a photograph. He was working as a photojournalist at the time of the arrest. Click here to see the photos and join his caption competition on his web site. Prizes for the best caption will be awarded at his next court date, Jan. 30. Click here to read the article about his arrest.