Riding high off his endorsement by the Hartford Courant Democratic gubernatorial candidate New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr., seized an opportunity to hammer incumbent Gov. M. Jodi Rell again on the state’s hemorrhaging of jobs. To illustrate his point, DeStefano stood outside the Stop and Shop distribution center in North Haven Monday to talk about how 850 workers will lose their jobs and the center will close Jan. 1.

At the time of the announcement, Rell admitted being out of the loop and her spokesman was quoted in the New Haven Register as saying, “if the governor had heard in advance the site was going to be sold, she would have worked with Stop and Shop to help it update the warehouse and keep the jobs in Connecticut.”“We can’t afford to have a governor whose leadership is based on what she reads in the paper,” DeStefano said. John Olsen, president of the AFL-CIO, said this is one more example of how this governor’s only been able to react to events. The Courant used this exact same type of criticism of Rell when it wrote its endorsement of DeStefano. “Her brand of small-steps stewardship is not what Connecticut needs to tackle some of its most acute problems over the next four years. It needs the boldness she promised when first appointed, but didn’t deliver. The state could use a visionary with big ideas, a dynamic leader not afraid to shake up the Land of Calcified Habits in order to effect real change” the Hartford Courant editorial board wrote Sunday Oct. 29. The New York Times on the other hand felt “Connecticut would be better off with a moderate Republican governor now.” While they didn’t dislike DeStefano they said if elected the Democrats would have too much power pointing out that the party is two votes shy of a “veto-proof majority in the Legislature.” A sort of backhanded compliment, the Times said, “When Mrs. Rell decides an issue is worth fighting for, like campaign finance reform, she’s impressive. But so far her vision has been too modest. It would be a real tragedy if Mrs. Rell wasted her popularity by just tinkering with the state’s big problems. She should not squander the opportunity to aim high. With that admonition, we endorse her for governor of Connecticut.”