Speaker of the House James Amann, D-Milford, is no match for two liberal bloggers, CT Keith and CT Bob. Why would one of the state’s top Democrats fear two liberal bloggers?CT Keith put it simply, “Arrogance and power.”

After the Democratic primary in August Amann said he will continue to support third-party candidate U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman. Strange for one of the party leaders to defy the will of his own party. Click here to read our previous article about why Amann doesn’t support Ned Lamont. CT Bob kept the camera rolling while CT Keith asked Amann about the political backlash his support of Lieberman may cost him in the race for speaker when the legislature reconvenes in January.  Amann does not currently face a challenge for his seat. In a hypothetical three way race against Amann, said, “Whoever the idiot who run against me in this town, I will crush them.” “Arrogance of power,” CT Keith, a Lamont supporter and blogger told Amann. “It’s called confidence,” Amann said. CT Keith disagreed. “It got Lieberman in trouble maybe it will get you in trouble too,” CT Keith added. Click here to watch