Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is being criticized by AG Agenda Watch, a project of the American Tort Reform Association. The group monitors litigation and political agendas of state attorneys general.“Serving as a state’s chief legal officer is one of the most demanding jobs in public service; the attorney general and his or her staff are responsible for protecting consumers, litigating on behalf of state agencies, and enforcing state laws. In most of these areas, our state attorneys general – including Mr. Blumenthal – perform well. However, when the interests of the attorney general deviate from the public interest, Mr. Blumenthal’s record is less distinguished,” the report concludes. It goes on to say, “When Mr. Blumenthal’s goal is to instead serve the interests of political allies, or the interest of self promotion, Mr. Blumenthal’s record is replete with political missteps, lost cases, bad publicity, errors in judgment, and questionable relationships with contingent-fee personal injury lawyers.”Click here for the 13-page report.