The Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, Mary Glassman, challenged Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell and her running mate again Wednesday to one-to-one debates after talks between the two campaigns broke down.

Outside the state Capitol, Glassman said Rell’s campaign had only agreed to two debates with all four candidates for governor included, while New Haven Mayor John DeStefano’s campaign for governor has asked for six with at least two being reserved for one-on-one debates between the two major party candidates, Rell and DeStefano. Glassman said Rell is “cheating the voters by not having one-on-one debates on the issues.” Glassman said there should also be a debate between the lieutenant governor candidates. While voters won’t be able to split their votes for governor and lieutenant governor like they did in the primary, Glassman said it’s important for voters to know who they are voting for on a ticket because at least two of the lieutenant governors have become governor.Following a stamp unveiling ceremony Wednesday, Rell said her campaign has not ruled out “anything” as far as the debate format is concerned. She said she would not rule out one-on-one debates with DeStefano. “I look forward to the debates with John DeStefano,” she said while walking down the stairs to her office in the Capitol.Glassman still outside the Capitol Wednesday afternoon said she was happy “public pressure” prevailed and Rell was beginning to change her tune. Click here for the Sept. 5 article on the debates. Afterall when did Rell become the champion for minor party candidates? Glassman asked. And “How many minor party candidates has she ever appointed to a state board or commission?“So what so the minor party candidates caught in the middle of this debate think?The Green Party’s candidate for governor, Cliff Thornton, said recently “Let’s be realistic. I think I’m being used as a pawn, but in the game of chess a pawn can become a queen.”  And so the game begins.