A new report predicts that Connecticut will create some new jobs in coming years. Gov. Rell sees good news in the report. The Democrat hoping to unseat her this fall, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano, sees bad news in the report. The new report from the UConn Center for Economic Analysis says that the state’s rate of job growth, already a tepid 0.6 percent, will decline to 0.4 percent in 2008. John DeStefano said in a release that the report shows the governor “offers false optimism, but no new ideas or leadership to stop Connecticut’s worsening jobs loss.” Rell campaign spokesman Rich Harris called the report “bad news for John DeStefano. It doesn’t fit the doom-and-gloom songbook,” because it shows the state’s economy growing by billions. “Is job growth at the rate the governor would like? No. But it’s continuing,” Harris said, adding that 32,413 more Connecticut people were employed this June than last June. Click here to read the report and judge for yourself who’s right.