Joe PhotoJim Brewer photo.All the world watched as the results of Tuesday’s Democratic primary rolled in. A palpable sense that change is possible in America rang out in a Meriden hotel ballroom as a confetti- draped Ned Lamont proclaimed victory in his challenge to U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman in a Democratic primary. At Lieberman headquarters in Hartford a few people huddled around the television screens to see the results roll in, but before he took the stage there were no outbursts of enthusiasm for the candidate or the campaign. It seemed at times the media outnumbered the campaign staff and supporters, who returned from the polls apprehensive about what would happen. media pearlNews trucks lined the four streets around the Goodwin HotelClick here to find out what happened or didn’t happen at Lieberman headquarters and here to read about all the fun a New Haven Independent reporter had at Lamont headquarters in Meriden. While most voters in Hartford turned out to vote in the Senate race, the gubenatorial contest between New Haven Mayor John DeStefano and Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy again ended up being a close race that yielded some strange and bittersweet results. Most of the night the race was too close to call, but DeStefano pulled through to win by 1.54 percent while his running mate, Scott Slifka, lost by about a 14 percent margin as Malloy’s lieutenant governor candidate, Mary Glassman, ran away with the votes. Click here to read about how close Malloy came to winning, here to read Melissa Bailey’s report from DeStefano headquarters in New Haven and here for a report on Glassman’s victory.  And here to read about the highest voter turnout in state primary history.