U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont got his first major labor endorsement Monday from the Connecticut American Federation of Teachers. Wednesday the Connecticut Education Association followed with its own endorsement of Lamont, which should have been big news for a campaign that has struggled to gain union support to challenge the three-term incumbent Sen. Joe Lieberman.

The Lamont campaign didn’t make a big deal out of the endorsements, but it publicized it in a blog item at the bottom of its home page. The blog entry,  stated “Online, offline, offline, online. This is what a real movement looks like, folks. It should also help in re-buffing Senator Lieberman’s angry and misleading ads that imply Ned is somehow in favor of spoon-feeding asbestos to public school children. The depths…“This Thursday June 15 the two teacher unions will hold a press conference at Fox Middle School in Hartford to announce their support for Lamont. Wednesday afternoon WTIC radio host Colin McEnroe voiced skepticism about the Lamont campaign’s reliance on blogs and the blog world’s ability to gauge potential support in an Aug. 8 primary. Think Howard Dean. McEnroe said Lieberman’s tried and true phone banks must be telling him something, since he has not abandoned the Democratic ticket to run as an Independent, which one of his supporters suggested in a Hartford Courant article earlier this week.  Wednesday’s Lamont campaignblog, pictured volunteers at one of the campaign’s phone bank operations. Click here to read McEnroe’s latest blog on the race. And click here to read what Lieberman will do if he doesn’t win the primary and here to find out what one of the local blogs has to say.