Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy’s last minute campaign push brought him closer to defeating New Haven Mayor John DeStefano than party insiders would have guessed. As of 3:15 p.m. Saturday there was still a delegate challenge by the Waterbury delegation and no final count. The candidates are vying for the party’s endorsement going into the Aug. 8 primary, but it’s already clear neither received a majority of the vote. State Rep. Michael Christ, D-East Hartford, said when Malloy got back into the race last year and started meeting delegates “his campaign started to steamroll.” Christ said it was DeStefano’s labor support and its last minute arm twisting that swayed delegates to the Malloy side. As Malloy and his campaign worked the room,  DeStefano’s campaign assumed delegates minds were already made-up before they walked in on Saturday morning.Click here to read the New Haven Independent’s staff report. Before the challenge DeStefano was up by 3 delegates, but its varied as the challenges are upheld or denied.  Stay tuned….