bannerWait. Wasn’t the name of this building “Troup School”?

troupThe city fenced off the 81 year-old school last summer to begin a $25 million renovation. (Click here to read about what a historic gem it is, and will remain.) At the time, this sign went up with, you guessed it, the mayor/ gubernatorial candidate’s name bigger than everyone else’s. Still, it wasn’t too out of line with the kind of taxpayer-funded advertising politicians do all the time on public projects.banner2Now the city has wrapped a banner around the block, and DeStefano has set new bounds for self-promotion on the public dime. His name appears several times. Even drunk drivers can’t miss it: Letters range from 21 to 26 inches.fuscoThe city’s major campaign contributor … er, construction firm … gets even bigger billing: 27.5 inches for most letters, with the “F” in Fusco topping off at 40.troupe 3As for the suffragist and labor organizer after whom the school was named? No letters larger than 21 inches. (She doesn’t have a “J” in her name.)kidsOf course, it’s all about the “kids,” who rank letters half the size of the mayor’s. (The “s” gets a whole 8.5 inches.)