In the last few hours of the legislative session it remains to be seen if state lawmakers will fix campaign finance reform and limit the amount of money leadership political action committees can give to publicly financed campaigns. The Connecticut Citizens Action Group, Common Cause, and the League of Women Voters has advocated for changes to the severability clause created last year mistakenly when the legislature approved public financing of campaigns. The clause under the current law could overturn the legislation if the court prohibits or limits the funds from a publicly financed campaing for 72 hours or more.Still there are some legislators who would like to fix more than that one clause.

State Rep. Christopher Caruso, D-Bridgeport, cancelled a press conference Tuesday where he planned on talking about capping the amount of money leadership PACs can give to campaigns. He opted instead to try to negotiate a deal with Democratic leaders. Today the public will find out if a deal was reached. If not it looks like Republicans have a backup plan. Republcian Senators Andrew Roraback, John McKinney, and John Kissel have an amendment that would limit the amount of money party committees, legislative caucus committees, and leadership PACs could give to $5,000 for publicly financed state senate candidates and $2,000 for state representative candidates. Is true reform on the horizon, or will the elephant in the room disappear when the clock strikes midnight? Stay tuned.