lieberdudeWhile he’s hitting some rough spots on the reelection trail, U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman at least found some long-awaited good news on the real-estate front. He’s apparently found a buyer for his Westville home—which has been for sale since last July. According to a listing on a real-estate web site, Lieberman—who’s considering ditching the Democratic Party in the face of an unexpectedly stiff primary challenge for his seat this year from Ned Lamont—has received a deposit for his family’s 2,500 square-foot Tudor. The Liebermans have lowered the asking price from $589,000 to $499,000, according to the listing. (The neighborhood’s torrid market started cooling down around the time the house went for sale.) Lieberman campaign spokesman Sean Smith confirmed the offer on the house and said the Liebermans will buy a new place in New Haven. “They look forward to this chapter of downsized living,” Smith said. “Frankly, with this campaign, they haven’t had time [yet] to look around” for a new home.