Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced at 9:30 p.m. Monday that Justice Peter T. Zarella withdrew his nomination from consideration for Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court. The announcement followed a flurry of activity at the capitol Monday, punctuated by allegations from another Supreme Court judge that retired Chief Justice William Sullivan may have been involved in judicial misconduct in an effort to secure Zarella’s nomination. Rell issued the following statement after receiving a letter from Zarella asking that his nomination be withdrawn.“I continue to believe that Justice Zarella is a man of integrity and outstanding judicial ability,” Rell’s statement said. “I am troubled by the revelations that have been brought to light, and am equally troubled by the politics – in both the legislative and judicial branches of government – that have overshadowed this important nomination. The next step must be to get answers to everyone’s questions. Once I am satisfied that all relevant questions are answered and concerns addressed, I will proceed with the nominating process.“Read today’s earlier stories about the allegations of judicial misconduct and the Judiciary Committee’s vote on Zarella’s nomination.