destefancondoOn the morning that Massachusetts’ governor signed an historic near-universal health care law, New Haven’s John DeStefano unveiled an even more ambitious plan Wednesday for the state he hopes to lead. DeStefano (pictured earlier Wednesday during a tour of new million-dollar “Soho-style” lofts in downtown New Haven) is looking to put universal health at the center of his Connecticut campaign for governor. Everyone gets insurance, and even middle-class families of four pay no more than $180 to $300 a month.“This is entirely why you run for governor. You do it because you see how you can use government to make a difference in people’s lives,” DeStefano said after releasing his “Connecticut Cover All Now!” plan (acronym/slogan: “Connecticut CAN!”) at a small business in Hartford. “This is the best part of it – You know we’re going to be first to do something.“In issuing a plan on the state’s number-one public policy challenge—and an issue on which incumbent Gov. Jodi Rell has been noticeably quiet—the DeStefano camp appeared to be hoping to reclaim some lost endorsement and fund-raising momentum and capitalize on the favorable attention generated by the Massachusetts plan.To read more of Paul’s story click here.