Reformers like New Haven State Sen. Martin Looney predicted Wednesday that an historic new bipartisan law in neighboring Massachusetts will boost a campaign to pass universal health care in Connecticut. Connecticut’s largest business group was less enthusiastic.A coalition of Connecticut groups has been organizing small business people, activists, and others this year to try to pass some form of universal health care at the beginning of 2007. One of the candidates for governor has echoed the call for universal health care, as has U.S. Senate candidate Ned Lamont. And that’s pretty much what Massachusetts did Tuesday. Conservative Republicans, led by Gov. Mitt Romney, joined with liberal Democrats in the state legislature to pass a plan that should cover close to everyone in the state with some form of insurance. The plan calls requires businesses to provide health care coverage and requires individuals to obtain insurance, or to pay a fee to the state. (Click here to read more about that plan.) Business groups were part of the coalition supporting the law.