George W. Bush swept through his native New Haven and through Bridgeport Wednesday, tying up I-95 and sparking vigorous debate over the health care crisis. For Independent team coverage, click hereto read Allan Appel’s account of the hubbub at our usually sleepy airport; click here to read Melinda Tuhus’s account of riding the train with New Haven protesters to Bridgeport; click here to read Melissa Bailey’s report of how John DeStefano preempted the visit with his own excursion to Tweed, and why; click here to read what the other Democrat running for governor, Dannel Malloy, had to say about the visit. Click here to read what the Connecticut Universal Health Care Foundation, whose chief was invited to participate in the Bush event in Bridgeport, had to say about the main item on the agenda. And click here to read the AP’s account of Bush’s remarks in Bridgeport.