We’d love to hear your ideas. CTNewsJunkie.com wants to be open, accessible, and to serve as a vibrant medium for all writers—professional and amateur—who have a story they’d like to publish.

However, we make a serious distinction between reportage and commentary. All of our stories feature information gathered through real journalistic legwork. That’s not to say we don’t welcome your opinions—we want to hear them! Our comment boards are the ideal place for any thoughts you care to air.

If you do wish to pitch us a story and have never before written for CTNewsJunkie.com, we ask that you send us an email with the information below. This will give us a clearer idea of your background and how you plan to execute your idea.

Your answers will be kept completely confidential and do not, by themselves, assure acceptance or rejection. If we decide not to go with your idea, CTNewsJunkie.com pledges that we will not pursue the story. It remains yours to shop.

If you decide this reporting thing is more work than you bargained for, but you still want your story to see the light of day, let us know and we’ll decide whether we want to run down the story ourselves.

Thanks for choosing to work with us!!! Send an email to:
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What’s your name?
Where are you based?
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Please describe your idea. Be as concise as possible.
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Have you ever published a story before?
If so, where? Do you have clips you can share?