Luis Rodriguez-Davila, recently elected to Hartford’s Board of Education with the full backing of Mayor Eddie Perez, has temporarily “stepped back” from his duties on the city’s school board, Perez’s spokeswoman Sarah Barr said this afternoon. This came after an apparent dispute between Davila and his boss last week in the Human Relations department in City Hall, where Davila works. Details are sketchy as of this afternoon, but multiple sources say the police became involved. Hartford police and court officials have no record of any arrests, however.

The dispute apparently occurred last Thursday, and although was unable to confirm any details, several sources said Davila’s boss, Lillian Ruiz, called the police.Ruiz did not respond to multiple phone calls this afternoon. Davila was not immediately available to comment. “When it comes to personnel matters, this is something that needs to be looked at and investigated,” Perez spokeswoman Sarah Barr said. “When it comes to Mr. Davila’s work at the Board of Education, he said he would voluntarily step back from the board until the situation is resolved.“The Hartford Police Department had no arrest records for Davila on file Tuesday afternoon, and Hartford Country Superior Court had no record of any charges filed. The mayor’s office declined to comment on whether Davila was still in his job at City Hall, citing personnel matters, but said it had been notified when the dispute took place last week.Davila ran on a successful Democratic Party slate last November with the full backing of Perez. Fellow Democratic school board member Andrea Comer said she too hopes Davila resolves the situation.“I’ll just say I have valued what he has brought to the board and I hope to see him back soon,” Comer said.