After progressive advocacy groups announced their legislative goals yesterday– and attracted virtually no press attention- several reporters covered the Connecticut Business and Industry Association today as it made much more conservative proposals.“The competition worldwide is simply fierce,” said Roger Joyce, CBIA chairman and vice-president of engineering at the Bilco Co. in West Haven, adding: “Innovation without competitive costs will not sell a product. Our Connecticut workforce needs to be prepared to design and build world class products…We need to seriously address the cost of doing business in Connecticut.”

Among the CBIA’s proposals:- Repeal the corporate tax surcharge for 2006.- Repeal the property tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment.- Use part of the $536 million state surplus on transportation infrastructure. Deposit the rest in the Rainy Day fund.- Don’t force large corporations to reimburse the state if the company’s workers must use Medicaid.- Promote the use of electronic medical records as a way to reduce doctors’ errors.- Fight attempts to mandate that employers provide their workers specified sick time. – Support the development of fuel cells and stop raids of the Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funds.