A statewide coalition of antiwar groups will come together Sunday in Middletown to plan a large demonstration for March 18- the third anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq.

The call for this meeting came from over 100 initial signers, said Jason McGahan, a member of Hartford Bring the Troops Home Now.“The series of scandals that have broken has really ratcheted up the pressure to do something against the war,” McGahan said. The declaration of Congressman John Murtha against the occupation, plus the revelations about U.S. spying and rendition activities, bring pressure on the antiwar movement to unify, he said. A range of organizations will be represented at Sunday’s meeting, from West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice to the Palestinian American Congress. An organized labor presence will be felt as well, as various union officials- including Connecticut AFL-CIO President John Olsen- are expected to attend. The meeting will take place on Sunday, January 22, at 2 p.m. at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 381 Main Street, Middletown.