Another day, another caucus, and still zero clue as to how rank and file Democratic legislators are going to vote on campaign finance reform. After the House Democrats’ pow wow today, Senate Dems gear up to have yet another meeting tomorrow. We thought we’d mark the occasion with a quick look at how one of the Senate’s leading opponents of campaign reform spends his PAC money.

State Sen. Andrew McDonald (D-Stamford) is viewed as the most vocal opponent to public financing of elections, even though he did vote for a reform bill last June (after the governor had already vowed a veto, making the vote a semantic exercise).As of September 30, McDonald’s PAC- called “Leadership in Action”- had over $86,000 in the bank, according to Secretary of State filings. Here are some of the fellow Senate Democrats McDonald’s PAC came through for last year:Bill Finch of Bridgeport ($5,000)Gayle Slossberg of Milford ($7,500)Tom Colapietro of Terryville ($5,000)Jonathan Harris of West Hartford ($7,500)Edith Prague of Columbia ($5,000)Eric Coleman of Hartford ($500)Bob Duff of Norwalk ($1,000)