As she chastised legislators today for ducking campaign finance reform, Gov. M. Jodi Rell dropped in on a fundraiser for a municipal candidate. Kosher?

The event Rell attended took place in Torrington, for Republican Mayoral candidate Ryan Bingham. Municipal campaign finance reform has always been a part of the discussion at the state Capitol. Before leaving Hartford this morning, Rell faced two television cameras and said she was “disappointed” the legislature did not take up campaign finance reform today.Democrats have attacked state Republican Party officials and Rell in recent weeks for deciding to go ahead with a separate golf fundraiser today, the day Rell had earmarked for a campaign finance debate. The governor’s office had responded that she would not attend that Republican Party fundraiser.Asked whether it was appropriate for the governor to attend a municipal fundraiser on the same day, Rell spokesman Adam Liegeot said yes, because no lobbyists attended, only local supporters.“The governor was entirely comfortable with attending today’s fundraiser for Ryan Bingham,” Liegeot said.