Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy appears to have topped New Haven Mayor John DeStefano in fundraising for last quarter.

DeStefano raised $339,350, according to filings with the Secretary of State’s office. That’s down from the $455,687 his campaign raised in the second quarter of this year.Malloy’s campaign raised $403,000, according to one campaign official. That’s up from last quarter, when Malloy raised $228,000 in only six active weeks of fundraising. Malloy did not raise money for several months until state prosecutors cleared him in a municipal contracting probe this past spring.Though the difference between the two campaigns appears to be less than $70,000 in a quarter that included the relatively quiet summer months, Malloy’s besting of DeStefano- combined with Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s announcement that he will not run for governor- has Malloy supporters buoyant. It sets up a frenzied campaign push through the end of the year between the two mayors.DeStefano has now raised a total of $2.59 million, while Malloy clocks in at nearly $1.7 million.