Can’t make it to Washington D.C. for the big antiwar protest this weekend? No worries. Show up at the Hartford State Armory on Broad Street, 2 p.m. on Saturday, and you can express your feelings right here at home.

A march will kick off at the Armory and head to the military recruiting center on Pearl Street, said Jacqueline Allen-Doucot, a member of the Hartford Catholic Worker movement, the demonstration’s main organizer.Once the marchers reach the recruiting center, street theater will provide a dramatic statement against the war. A die-in will feature several symbolic characters, including American soldiers killed in Iraq, a person in a wheelchair representing the tragedy in New Orleans, and more.“Bush and Cheney will lead the march and then run off when they see the carnage,” Allen-Doucot said. The march is intended to be a legal, authorized protest.“A lot of people can’t afford to go to Washington, so we’re encouraging people from the neighborhoods to come,” Allen-Doucot said.