In Roxanne Spencer’s lawsuit against Big Y Foods, a common civil action takes a strange twist.

Slip and falls are run of the mill cases in any civil court, especially when the defendant is a supermarket, a place where one is much more likely to happen upon a puddle of Ragu, and where the deep pockets of such corporations make for an attractive target for the plaintiff’s bar.But Roxanne Spencer’s slip and fall case doesn’t end with the slip and the fall. According to the complaint filed against Big Y Foods, after Spencer fell in a pool of water in the produce section at the chain’s Manchester location, store employees took her to a room, denied her medical treatment “and refused to allow her to leave until she signed a written statement although she repeatedly asked to leave.” Asked what that statement said, Spencer’s lawyer Clifton Thompson responded that his client didn’t get a copy, and that the company has not yet provided it to him. He said she was detained for more than an hour.An official from Big Y’s risk management division failed to respond to multiple calls for comment.